Yep, you probably guessed it: the “C” in C Tree stands for Christ.

This boutique and I belong to Him!

In addition, I wanted to include a personal touch, so my last name being Crabtree fit perfectly!

One of my favorite worship songs highlights my exact thoughts when people ask where the desire to open a faith-based boutique came from.

“All my best ideas are Yours, so what am I but what you make of me.”

Upper Room by Hillsong Worship 

My ultimate goal and desire is to one day open a storefront. I have a daydream of C Tree being a place where anyone and everyone steps into learning more about who Jesus is. My heart and prayer is that this business would be a vessel though which seeds are planted, believers blossom, and all are welcome to embrace growth in their style and their walk with Christ!

From the start, I envisioned this community resembling a tree.

Each of you who interact with this platform, purchase a bible, journal, or devotional contribute to the growth of the gospel!